4 Ways To Promote Your Business Through Different Social Media Channels


Using social media to boost your business is easier said than done. Yes, it is true that these platforms create a diverse environment for all business owners out there, but if you don’t know how to use it the right way, it will just be useless. Let me share some useful ways on how you can use the various social media channels to your advantage.

1. One in seven rule

The rule is for you to put seven posts in total. The idea of this rule is to make sure that the consumers won’t be stuck checking out things that will just make them lose interest. One post should contain your product or services clearly. The remaining six posts must include worth reading contents so your consumers will have something worth it to look at. You can still promote your products as long as you have valuable materials.

2. Make use of question to start

It works like a survey to your consumers. If you have a post that asks some questions to your targeted customers, it will be easier for you get the ideas of what customers want. Make sure that the question you’ll ask will be directed to your business.


3. Reward system

The reward system is not just for kids. One way to promote your business and get enough interaction is if you can post a question or a contest for your followers. The consumer who can get the right answer should have a reward. It is an excellent way to get the attention of the customers.

4. Stop the copy paste

It is normal for a business to have a different account on multiple social media platforms. It is an excellent way to advertise your products or services to the clients. There is just one habit that is not okay when you’re using these platforms for promoting your business. It’s the habit of having the same message posted on all social media accounts. It is not something wrong but the idea it gives to the customers is not good. Lack of personalized information leads people to think that you’re not sincere at all.
You can make use of these tips for better use of your social media accounts for more success in your business.

The Top 4 Social Media Platforms That You Can Use For Your Company


The internet has been a game-changer in the world. It provides quick access to everything. It opened up the doors for us to discover different social media platforms that have now been a part of our daily lives. Tell me if wrong that all of us utilize a social media application every day. It already became a habit and a part of our routine. With that being said, let’s check out the top social media platforms used by people all over the world.

1. Facebook


Of course, all of us know Facebook. Who doesn’t? There are billions of Facebook users around the globe. It is highly used for interaction, marketing, and advertising. It’s user-friendly so a lot of people can navigate it well.

2. Twitter


Every day we’ve heard people saying that he or she will tweet something. It creates trending posts through numerous retweets from other users. If you want something to go viral, Twitter is the application that does an excellent job.

3. LinkedIn


It is popular with business owners and professionals. You can easily find people by filtering your search by industry, profession and other things that can make things easy to search. There are also specific groups available where you can easily find a particular group of professionals.

4. Instagram


After Myspace and Multiply, the best platform to share photos that can catch the attention of millions of users is Instagram. Different businesses utilize the application to provide pictures of their products and services available. It can do the trick since people aren’t usually hooked by some words written out. Images create a different perspective to consumers who wants to see things before making any purchase.

The top four social media platforms are widely used by people everywhere. If you are an entrepreneur who wants easy access to the consumers, it is best if you can maximize the utilization of these powerful applications to the success of your brand.

3 Benefits Of Social Media To The Success Of Your Business


We all know that Social Media is widely used for the marketing of your business. It serves as a portal where you can reach a lot of people. Different individuals wherever they are in the world will be able to recognize your brand. The more people who know about your business are, the more income you can get. There are a lot of benefits that social media can provide you that is essential for the growth of your company. Check these benefits that you can take advantage.

1. Get insights from the customers

One of the best benefits you can get from social media is that you can quickly know the things that your customers like. You can develop ways to come up with products or promotion perhaps that can guarantee your sales since you already know the things that your customers are looking for.

2. Be known and get loyal customers

Unlike the old days where it will take a lifetime before a lot of people can recognize your company’s brand, it works like magic today with the use of social media. The internet is an adamant tool that let us connect with the world. It is much easier to let everyone know about what your business sell or what service do you provide.


3. Provide excellent customer experience

Customer retention has never been easier with the use of social media. You can quickly answer inquiries and misunderstanding between the seller and the buyer. The quick interaction can save a lot of customers for the company. More clients mean that there will be more profit for your business.

Social media provides the edge for a company to generate more income than the traditional ways of marketing your business. Investing money and effort to utilize the different platforms is a must if you want to succeed.